The Recipe of Easy, Tasty & Healthy Aubergine/Brinjal Curry

Aubergine is widely used in cooking; the common name of this vegetable is eggplant  in North America, Australia and New Zealand; in British English, it is aubergine; and in South Asia and South Africa, brinjal.

The curry recipe of, fiber rich, aubergine:

  •  Sauté finely sliced pieces of a medium onion in adequate quantity of warm, any mild- flavour vegetable oil (I had reused the oil used to fry chicken pieces for flavour); smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of taste,
  • Add tiny sliced pieces of aubergines – 250 gm ( I had used very small aubergines with purple and green skin), fry the aubergine pieces along with onion slices,
  • Combine the fried mixture with: finely sliced pieces of 4 medium tomatoes,  ¼ tsp. of turmeric powder, finely sliced pieces of a handful of curry leaves, and finely sliced pieces of a hyderabadi  green chilli for mild-pungent flavour (these chillies are about palm length and slender, they have mild but distinctive pungent flavour) or you can opt to add any other chilli of your preference,
  • Blend the melted mixture with: a glassful of chicken stock (I prepare chicken stock by boiling pieces of chicken meat in water, with a smidgen of salt in it  –  when the chicken pieces are cooked, separate the liquid i.e. stock from the chicken meat), and a handful of boiled, boneless, small chicken pieces,
  • When the mixture turns very thick in consistency, mix the blend with ½ liter  of buttermilk, simmer the combination for about 5 minutes in low heat.

Serving size – Approximately 5

Wishing You a Wonderful Day 

This rich and flavourful buttermilk curry is prepared in rice bran oil -— rice bran oil is less viscous (sticky) thus adding a little less quantity of this oil than we would normally prefer for a recipe would be just right; and I have used two very flavoursome vegetables to enrich this curry.

Fact: As buttermilk is made using live, active cultures of healthy bacteria, it contains probiotics; probiotics help limit the amount of unhealthy types of bacteria in our digestive tract.

The Recipe:

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