The Pulao/Pilaf with the flavour of star anise – Recipe

Star-anise is a spice obtained from the star-shaped pericarp of the fruit of an evergreen tree, Illicium verum, which is native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China. Star-anise has a strong flavour which is quite similar to the flavour of fennel seeds.

Pilaf /Pulao is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth, and a dish which is mostly prepared all over the world.   

This pulao is created to have the pleasant taste of star-anise.

The Recipe:

  • In an adequate warm blend of ghee (clarified butter) and any mild flavour vegetable oil, sauté:

1 tsp. of cumin seeds,

Pieces of two whole pods of star-anise,

Pieces of two guntur chillies ( – these are small, sundried chillies and are plum red in colour; and have a likable flavour along with high level of spiciness) or any other chillies – optional,

Fine slices of 3 small onions;

Smidgen the mixture with salt – according to preference of taste,

  • Add fine slices of 3 small tomatoes to the translucent onion mixture,
  • Blend the melted mixture with 2 small cups of rice and add 3 small cups of water,
  • When the rice is par-cooked, add small slices of fried egg (- two eggs whisked with a pinch of salt and pan-fried), after the water completely evaporates the pulao is done.

Serving size – Approximately 3

Wishing You a Very Wonderful Day

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