Dry Shrimps Pulao

Dried shrimps are shrimps that have been sun-dried. Dry-shrimps are used in many Asian cuisines, imparting a unique umami taste. Umami or savory taste, is one of the five basic taste (- the sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes: sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, and savoriness). 

The Recipe of Dry Shrimps Pulao:

  • Quantity of rice: 2 cups of basmati rice; cook the rice — pour the rice in a thick bottom, medium-size, handi  or saucepan; rinse the rice for about 2-3 times, then immerse rice in water – filled almost up to the utensil’s  brim,  add a tsp. of salt, keep the rice for cooking in medium heat, when a thick layer of cooked rice floats on top  – switch-off  the stove, and  completely drain the water, reheat the cooked rice at low-heat for about 1-2 seconds, and cover the utensil for few minutes.
  • To prepare the dry shrimps mixture –

In a kadhai/wok, sauté finely sliced pieces of 4 red ripe tomatoes in adequate quantity of any mild flavour vegetable oil, add salt to the blend,

Combine a generous handful of sliced pieces of fresh fenugreek leaves with the melted tomato blend (- optional),

Blend the mixture with finely mashed pieces of a sizable ginger root –  adequate enough for a decent  ginger aroma and taste,

Add 100gm of tiny dry  shrimps to the mixture  (Dip the dry prawns in water before adding it to the mixture),

Mix the dry shrimps mixture with 1 tsp. of turmeric powder &  ½ tsp. of garam masala – any garam masala of your preference.

  • When the mixture is cooked, layer cooked rice with dry shrimps mixture –

On a very thick layer of warm cooked rice at the bottom of a medium-size, handi or saucepan – evenly spread the warm dry shrimps mixture to layer the cooked rice, again add a thick layer of rice to top with dry shrimps mixture, and repeat the same the third time too; cover the utensil for some time for the rice to soak up the flavour of the dry shrimps mixture.

This pulao is tad crunchy because of the dry shrimps texture, and has the strong flavour of the dry shrimps along with a nice ginger taste.

Serving size: Approximately 4

Wishing You a Very Wonderful Day


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