Bombay Duck Fish Fry

Bombay duck/Bombil, is particularly found in the seawater around Mumbai. 

Fresh Bombay duck fish is quite meaty, the texture of the cooked meat is exceptionally soft; and it also contributes to several health benefits.

The Recipe of Bombay duck fish fry: 

Quantity: About a dozen, medium, fresh Bombay duck/Bombil fish.

Bombay duck is a scaleless fish which makes this fish extremely easy to clean; I had sliced the fish into 3 parts.

  • Marinate the fish pieces for 20 to 30 minutes in: 1 tsp. of turmeric powder, 1 tsp. of Kashmiri chilli powder or any other chilli powder of high pungency, salt – according to preference of taste, a handful of finely sliced pieces of coriander leaves and finely mashed pieces of about 8 to 10 garlic cloves and one whisked egg.
  • Coat the marinated fish pieces with rice flour before deep frying the fish pieces, in a shallow pan, in adequate quantity of warm rice bran oil; fry the fish pieces in medium heat until the outer layer of the pieces becomes crisp.

These fried fish pieces will have a soft texture on the inside, and the taste of the marinade makes this mild flavour fish a wonderful treat.

(The leftover marinade is best suited for potato gravy)

Serving size: Approximately 5

Wishing You a Wonderful Day

Another Recipe of Bombay duck …

Bombay duck fish - Fried Bombay Duck ( Recipe on
Bombay duck/Bombil fish – Fried Bombay duck (Recipe in


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