‘extremely-delicious’ Garbanzo Beans

The chickpea or chick pea is one of the earliest cultivated legumes; these seeds are also known as Bengal gram or garbanzo bean, as well as the Egyptian pea.

Chickpeas are exceptionally rich in protein content; in this recipe I have melded ‘Kabuli Chana’ with coconut meat and aagri masala – a rustic blend of spices from the Agri folks of Maharashtra, one of the ingredients in this masala is javitri (mace), this masala has a distinct lovely flavour.

The Recipe:

Quantity of dry chickpeas: A generous handful

  • Soak the dry chickpeas in water for about 5 to 8 hours,
  • Cook the chickpeas in warm water until soft, and reserve the stock to use later for gravy.

 ¤ Sauté finely sliced pieces of one big onion in adequate amount of any mild-flavour vegetable oil,

¤ Add finely sliced pieces of 4 medium tomatoes and mashed pieces of about 10 garlic cloves to the translucent onion blend,

¤ Blend the mixture with ½ tsp. of turmeric powder, ½ tsp. of kashmiri chilli powder and 1 tsp. of aagri masala (or you can also opt to use any other garam masala of your preference) and salt – according to preference  of taste,

¤ Combine the melted flavoursome mixture with grated coconut meat from an entire small coconut,

¤ Sauté the mixture for few seconds before blending in the cooked chickpeas.

If you prefer the mixture in gravy state blend the warm  mixture with a glassful of warm chickpea stock.

Serving size: Approximately 4

Wishing You a Very Wonderful Day

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