Carrot – The root vegetable: 2 Delicious Recipes of Carrot

Carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in colour, though purple, black, red, white, and yellow cultivars exist.

Here I share two recipes of  this root vegetable: 

PEPPERY CarrotBhurji

In this recipe of carrot bhurji I have merged the benefits of black peppercorns and coconut cream – black peppercorns have an appetizing warm flavour and are known to treat and heal many ailments; and coconut cream is highly nutritious.

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Carrot sticks (with Rice & Yogurt)

Carrots are especially rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and dietary fibre, Yogurt comes from milk – providing animal protein and several other nutrients (calcium, vitamin B-2 & B-12, potassium and magnesium) and Rice is one of the few cereals that is free from gluten … I have refreshingly combined these three foodstuffs for a healthy meal.

The Recipe … Continue reading

Wishing You a Very Wonderful Day

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