Buttermilk Curry

  • Sauté fine slices of (2 medium) onions in adequate quantity of rice bran oil,
  • Add salt – according to preference of flavour,
  • Add fine slices of (2 medium) tomatoes to the translucent onion blend,
  • Add (about 250g) of thick slices of baby potatoes to the melted blend,
  • Add a handful of finely chopped pieces of curry leaves,
  • Add pieces of 3 guntur chillies to the mix,
  • Add a little quantity of water to blend with the mixture,
  • When the potato pieces are cooked, add a pinch of turmeric powder and half a tsp. of garam masala,
  • Add pieces of (200g) of tofu to the mixture,
  • Add half a litre of buttermilk to the blend and simmer the combination for few seconds.

Serving size: Approximately 4 -6

Happy Eating ♥ 


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