The Tasty Chevon Gravy

Chevon/Goat meat has a subtle, peerless flavour; to prepare this meat I do usually use ingredients which have robust flavour that blends handsomely with the meat.

The Recipe:

♠  In adequate quantity of warm rice bran oil add –

∗ Mashed pieces of an entire garlic pod,

∗ Add pieces of 3 guntur chillies (or according to preference of taste),

 Add pieces of 3 big tomatoes,  

∗ Add salt – according to preference.

Add pieces of 500 kg of chevon/mutton  to the melted blend,

∗ Add half a tsp. of turmeric powder and a tsp. of garam masala,

∗ Add a handful of finely sliced pieces of coriander leaves,

∗ Add adequate quantity of warm water for the meat pieces to cook.

♠ When the meat pieces soften, add a medium bowl full of boiled dal (lentil soup) – a mix of Moong dal (green gram dal) and Masoor dal (lentil dal, pink lentil); and simmer the combination for few seconds until warm.

Serving size: Approximately 4 -6

Happy Eating 


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