The WARM Melange

Pasta is generally a simple dish, but comes in many varieties due to its versatility. Both dried and fresh pasta come in a number of shapes and varieties, with 310 specific forms known variably by over 1300 names having been documented. (Source: Wikipedia).

I experimented to create a pleasant melange with the use of two very warm ingredients, mustard oil and black peppercorns, to relish my macaroni pasta.

The Recipe:

  • Slightly roast (about 10) mashed pieces of garlic cloves in adequate quantity of warm mustard oil, (Garlic has many healing properties, and roasted garlic cloves provide the food an irresistible aroma.)
  • Add mash of tomato  pieces to the blend (3 big tomatoes),
  • Combine the blend with a tsp. of freshly ground black peppercorns, and salt according to preference of taste,
  • Merge sliced pieces of  button mushrooms with the melted mixture (200 gm.),
  • Enrich the mixture with (3  or more) processed cheese slices, to melt in the warm mixture,
  • Amalgamate the boiled macaroni pasta (about 250 g = 4 cups of dry pasta) with the warm mixture.

Happy Eating 


  1. Oh my the recipe looks and sounds delicious. I’m not a huge mushroom fan although I try because so many delicious dishes call for mushrooms, but do you have a suggestion for another vegetable that I could supplement for it?

    xo, JJ

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