RAJMA in RichGravy

DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN FOOD: RAJMA in RichGravy - Recipe in masalahealth.in
DELICIOUS VEGETARIAN FOOD: RAJMA in RichGravy – Recipe in masalahealth.in

Rajma, are a rich source of vitamin K – which provides a total balance of 80 nutrients essential for the human body.

Peanuts are known as Moongphali in India. India is one of the largest producers of peanuts in the world. Peanuts are an extremely high source of plant protein; it also contains phosphorous, thiamin and niacin that help in building resistance against all infections.

I experimented by amalgamating rajma in peanut/groundnut gravy, the gravy turned out superbly rich in flavour. 

The Recipe:-

 Quantity of Rajma: 4 handfuls

  • Soak rajma in water for at least 8 hours, they get double in size.
  • Cook the rajma in warm water until soft and reserve the stock to use later for gravy.

Curry Paste:

  • Roast 1 small bowlful of dry peanuts in a non-stick skillet until they turn crunchy in texture and grind the roasted peanuts into powder.
  • Roast pieces of 4 medium onions in a non-stick skillet until they turn light brown in colour; and grind the roasted onion pieces into paste.
  • Chop thick pieces of 4 tomatoes and grind it into puree.

The Amalgamation:

  • Into 15  tbs. (or additional – according to your preference) of warm  vegetable oil,
  1. Slightly sauté mashed pieces of an entire garlic pod.
  2. Add: 1 tsp. of cumin seeds (- these seeds have many health benefits),the onion paste, the tomato puree, groundnut powder, half a tsp. of turmeric powder,1 tsp. of chilli powder, salt (according to preference), 1 tsp. of garam masala and the cooked rajma.
  • Combine the rajma stock to the warm amalgamation to set the gravy according to desired consistency, and simmer the combination for few seconds.

Happy Eating ♥

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