PEPPERY Carrot Bhurji

DELICIOUS BLEND: PEPPERY CarrotBhurji - Recipe in
DELICIOUS BLEND: PEPPERY CarrotBhurji – Recipe in

In this recipe of carrot bhurji I have merged the benefits of black peppercorns and coconut cream – black peppercorns have an appetizing warm flavour and are known to treat and heal many ailments; and coconut cream is highly nutritious.

 The Recipe:

  • Slightly sauté mashed pieces of garlic cloves in a mix of warm ghee (clarified butter) and vegetable oil.
  • Add finely diced pieces of carrot to the warm blend.
  • Add freshly ground black peppercorns (or whole black peppercorns) to the mixture.
  • Dash the mixture with salt, turmeric powder and garam masala.
  • Combine the mixture with finely grated shreds of coconut meat.
  • Blend adequate quantity of water with the amalgam for the carrot pieces to turn tender.
  • Combine the tender pieces of carrot  with whisked egg, and cook the mixture in low heat until the mixture gets dried up.

Happy Eating 


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