Nutrient-Rich, All Seasons, Vegetarian Food Recipe of Aubergine/Brinjal/Eggplant Gravy: (SPICY & TANGY) Baingan Bhaji

Baingan is also known as brinjal/eggplant/aubergine. Different varieties of the eggplant produce fruit of different size, shape, and colour, though typically purple; and a much wider range of shapes, sizes and colours is grown in India.

For this recipe I have used the elongated oval-shaped, dark-purple skin baingan, and the two main ingredients used to flavour the bhaji are malvani garam masala ( – this roasted powder mix of spices is less peppery and more zesty than the regular garam masala), and dried kokum fruit (Malabar tamarind/ Garcinia indica)is a tangy fruit; this fruit can reduce fat, purify blood, aid in digestion and also reduce cholesterol.

The Recipe:

In a mixture of  5 teaspoonful of rice bran oil and 5 teaspoonful oil used to fry non-vegetarian food (optional),


  • Chucked a teaspoon of mustard seeds to crackle,
  • Added finely sliced pieces of (3 medium) onions,
  • Peppered the translucent onion slices with slices of  a green chilli ,
  • Dashed the mixture with a teaspoon of salt,
  • Flavoured the mixture with sliced pieces of (3 medium) tomatoes,
  • Added finely chopped pieces of (2) brinjals to the mixture,
  • Sprinkled the mixture with a handful of finely chopped shreds of coriander leaves,
  • Spiced the mixture with finely mashed pieces of (5 to 7) garlic cloves and a minute share of ginger; half a teaspoon of turmeric powder and a teaspoonful of malvani garam masala,
  • Poured one glass full of (about 5) dried kokum fruit saturated water to citrus the mixture,

And after the brinjal pieces turn tender, enjoy the spicy and tangy Bhaji

Serving size: Approximately 4

                                                     Wishing You a Wonderful Day


  1. I must look up Brinjals. It doesn’t accept the word in my spelling inventory. I bet it is delicious. Anything that gets rejected always gets my attention.
    The recipe sure reads like something magical in the making. I must get out my apron and try it.

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