My Recipe of Delicious Pancake …

PANCAKES: My Recipe of Delicious Pancake - Recipe in
My Recipe of Delicious Pancake in

… and healthy too.


  • Merge whole wheat flour with semolina in the proportion of 4:1,
  • Crack two eggs over the mixture,
  • Indulge the mixture with sugar (according to my preference),
  • Pour half a litre of buttermilk over the mixture,
  • Blend the mixture whisking by hand, pour adequate quantity of water to the mixture for a creamy consistency,
  • Heat a large non-stick skillet, brush the skillet with a mix of vegetable oil and ghee (clarified butter) , adjust the flame to low heat,
  • Pour the batter on the centre of the skillet with the help of a batter spoon,  gently move the spoon on the batter in a circular motion to form a big circle, adjust the flame to high heat,


Once the batter completely dries up on the top to come out easily on the spatula, flip and cook the pancake to brown on the other side.

Happy Eating 


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