The Yummy Creamy Pulao

Pulao - Recipe of the Yummy Creamy Pulao in
The Yummy Creamy Pulao in

The blend of curry leaves, green chillies, and prawns with cheese makes for the yummiest of pulao

The secret:

  • Fry sliced pieces of onions in a blend of vegetable oil & ghee (clarified butter).
  • Add curry leaves, sliced pieces of green chillies; add salt and sprinkle turmeric powder to merge with the mixture.
  • Add sliced pieces of tomatoes to the mixture.
  • Enrich the melted blend with prawns.
  • Meld rice to the amalgam.
  • Merge the combination with cheese slices.  
  • Pour water into the mixture (1 bowl of rice = 1 and ½ bowl of water) and cover the utensil; and let the water evaporate … to savour the succulent pulao.

Happy Eating 


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