(Lip-smacking) Mutton

NON-VEGETARIAN MEAL: (Lip-smacking) Mutton - Recipe in masalahealth.in
(Lip-smacking) Mutton in masalahealth.in

Mutton is rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins, and this recipe makes it lip-smacking.

The Recipe:

  • Pound garlic cloves along with pieces of cassia stick and star anise into a coarse mixture, sauté this amalgam in the blend of vegetable oil and ghee (clarified butter).
  • Merge the mutton pieces with the mixture.
  • Add salt, chilli & turmeric powder to the blend.
  • Pour sufficient quantity of water to the assortment.
  • Once the mutton pieces are par-cooked, enrich the mixture with thickly chopped pieces of spring onions and mashed pieces of tomatoes.
  • When the mutton pieces turn tender enjoy the luscious meat with – Rice steamed in chicken stock & buttermilk, and a slight amount of Lemon pickle.

Happy Eating ♥

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