The 3 (Chicken, Carrot & Cheese)’s Pulao

Pulao - Recipe of the 3 (Chicken, Carrot & Cheese)’s Pulao in
The 3 (Chicken, Carrot & Cheese)’s Pulao in

Chicken is an exceptional source of high quality protein, Carrot is abundant in vitamins and minerals, and Cheese a great source of calcium so when these three foodstuffs are merged together with Rice the result is this incredibly rich pulao.

The recipe:

  • Fry finely chopped onion pieces, pieces of cassia stick, cloves, black peppercorns and pieces of star anise in ghee.
  • Add chopped tomato pieces and salt
  • Add chicken pieces and thick chopped pieces of carrot to the mixture.
  • After the chicken pieces are par cooked, blend rice and cheese into the mixture.
  • Pour water over the mixture (1 bowl of rice = 1 and ½ bowl of water), cover the utensil and let the water evaporate.

Happy Eating

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