Suji (Semolina) Halwa

HALWA: Suji (Semolina) Halwa - Recipe in
Suji (Semolina) Halwa in

Suji halwa is surely rich in fats and carbohydrates which you can relish with the generous sprinkle of pistachio, a good source of vitamin K which provides a total balance of 80 nutrients that is essential for the human body.

Here is the recipe:

  • Roast the semolina till it turns tad brown in colour.
  • To a lavish quantity of  ghee – add  the roasted semolina, free amount of  sugar ( … according to preference) and blend it together
  • Add few strands of kesar (saffron).
  • Pour warm water to completely cover the mixture.
  • Adjust the flame to low heat. After the semolina swells up in quantity to dry up the water, sprinkle dry roasted pistachio to the suji halwa.

Happy Eating! (It’s pure magic)


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