Peppery Fusilli Pasta

FUSILLI PASTA: Peppery Fusilli Pasta - Recipe in
Peppery Fusilli Pasta in

Pasta is obviously a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine, mostly made from dough of durum wheat flour which is rich in proteins – the flavour of  thick green chilli pepper adds spiciness  to pasta along with vitamin C, vitamin B-6, vitamin A, potassium and also minerals such as iron & copper  (… that’s a mouthful of nutrients).

Try this peppery recipe:

  • In a mix of vegetable oil, ghee and butter sauté chopped spring onions, chopped thick green chilli pepper (… it has a distinct & mild pungent flavour) and roughly mashed pieces of ginger.
  • Add sliced tomato pieces followed by salt.
  • Add cooked fusilli pasta to the melted blend and add cheese.

Happy Eating! (Superbly fresh)

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