Chicken Gravy: CHICKEN IN SPINACH (Palak) - Recipe in
Chicken Gravy: CHICKEN IN SPINACH (Palak)

Cooking chicken is a good option for me when I run out of options. Chicken easily amalgamates with variety of vegetables and spinach is also one of them …

  • To oil add butter as well. At first, sauté mashed pieces of garlic followed by thinly sliced onions. Stir the onion slices occasionally and let it loose colour. Add cumin seeds, mashed pieces of ginger and fine slices of tomatoes.
  • To this mixture add salt; turmeric, chilli, coriander  powder; and garam masala  – stir the mixture.
  • Put chicken pieces in the mixture and stir it well.
  • In another utensil, blanch spinach leaves. Grind the spinach leaves into puree.
  • Pour the spinach puree to par cooked chicken pieces and leave it to cook by stirring the mixture occasionally.

Happy Eating!


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